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up-to-date information: La Esperanza Bird Lodge & Reserve

At least we have the bird list updated, which has reached about 173 spp!

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A description of our project:
La Esperanza is about saving trees and birds. It is about planting and attracting more. It is about a commercial bird lodge that is really only a means to an end. It’s about scientific study and establishing corridors. It is about bringing friends and colleagues together in a peaceful place. It is about being an example of how to combine productive, sustainable gardens with conservation. It is about sleeping and walking comfortably, about eating well and about being well.
General information about the lodge:
La Esperanza offers fine lodging by reservation only. We have 6 double rooms with kitchen and dining room for 16. Bedrooms and baths are carefully appointed, with excellent beds, plenty of hot water, space and electrical outlets. Base price includes essential laundry service with a 2-hour turn-around, as well as three meals. Per-person cost for 2014 is approximately 110 USD, depending upon occupancy. Food service is available at all hours and catered to your taste. Gourmet picnics are included for both breakfast and lunch, what with the early hours required to access other birding sites.
La Esperanza has about 8 endemic and special birds: The star, the Yellow-eared Parrot, is very likely to be seen passing over, if not offering extended viewing opportunities as flocks feed on our Sapium and Croton trees. Colombian Chachalaca is almost guaranteed to be seen and heard, since it breeds on-site. Parker’s Antbird, also breeding here, is very likely if playback is used and frequently sounding off with no encouragement. Chestnut Wood-Quail has been quite active right by the cabins lately, due to an aggressive campaign with playback and feeders. Grayish Piculet and Yellow-headed Manakin need some serious work, but have been recorded several times each. Whiskered Wren breeds on-site and is so common now that you might step on it!
La Esperanza sits on a hill-top at 2000 meters altitude overlooking Jardin, Colombia and the Farellones de Citará. We have a forest fragment of several hectares and several more in the process of regeneration. The trails are quite comfortable and level, providing excellent access to all habitat on-site. One can also continue up the ridge-line on a public easement to better penetrate the woodland.Extras include a shuttle to the quaint town of Jardín, 15 minutes below, horses to let for a ride to local attractions, a natural pond to swim in and a sauna coming soon next to that.

Eventually, La Esperanza will have 10-20 hectares attached to the commercial establishment. Additional land in the adjacent forest fragments will become part of an associated foundation. In addition, a scientific research center will be established to provide opportunities to national and international graduate students for doctoral and post-doctoral studies in biology, especiallly conservation-related topics in populations and genetics.






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